About Us

Keeping it efficiently clean. That is our company motto that is fueling our daily ambition to deliver smart cleaning solutions for the ever-changing PV solar market.

Our Vision

Airtouch’s vision is to contribute to the promise of a cleaner future for planet earth, by innovating cleaning solutions for solar panels thus maximizing solar energy output for PV developers.


Yanir Allouche

Founder & Chairman

Yanir served as the CTO & VP Operations and Technologies at Arava Power, a leading Israeli PV developer. Yanir has 10+ years of experience in utility scale PV projects from vision to full operation. Yanir was the first in the market to adopt and implement Robotic Cleaning Solutions in the Negev and Arava deserts in Israel. Yanir funded Airtouch in 2017 and serves as Chairman and CTO.

Nick Lanir Brown


Nick brings a successful record in leadership, marketing, sales, business development, finance and complex negotiations. Previously, Nick served as CEO of companies in the cleantech and chemical sectors. Nick Holds a BA, cum laude, in Economics and Management from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel and an MBA, summa cum laude, from Ben Gurion University.

Elad Zadok


Elad Brings 15+ years of experience in financial management positions, Including 12 years in Property & Building Corporation (PBS:TASE) and Discount Investment Corporation (DIC:TASE), both Public companies listed in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Elad Started his career in PWC, he Holds a CPA license, Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Economics from the Bar-Ilan University and MBA in Financial Management from the Tel Aviv University.

Sarit Zeevi

Legal Counsel

Sarit brings 25+ years of experience as a practicing attorney (Licensed in Israel, USA and Puerto Rico). Sarit previously served as legal Counsel at Arava Power; Sarit Led large local & international transactions (M&A’s, Licensing, Financing, Fund raisings, etc.). Sarit Joined Airtouch in 2018 and she also serves as Investments Director at The Zeevi Group; Sarit Holds LL.B and MBA degrees.

Noam Kfir


Noam Brings 20+ years of experience in various management positions. . Noam previous role was COO at Adhestick Innovations LTD. Noam also served in managerial roles in R&D, Marketing and Operations at ADC Teledata (NYSE:ADCT) and as VP Operations in Insuline Medical and Syqe Medical. Noam Holds a B.Sc in Industrial & Management Engineering from the Tel Aviv University.

Shay Blumenfeld

R&D Manager

Shay is a Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years of experience. Shay led a team of engineers in the Merkava Tank R&D unit in the Israel Defense Forces where he received an honorary certificate from the IDF for development of an operations ambulance. Certified quality controller, standards Institute of Israel.

Erez Schweppe

VP Business Development

Erez brings 20 years of Global experience in management and marketing development, sales and service operations. Erez Served 11 years as VP Intl. sales, operating of a multinational publicly traded company (Ceaserstone) operating in over 40 markets. Erez holds an MBA degree, with honors, from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Shy Atsmon

VP International Operations

Over 20 years experienced senior manager with worldwide experience and results in multi clients operations, large scale projects and operations in several countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Skilled in operations, planning, leading of organizational changes, team motivation, process Improvement, team building and troubleshooting. Last position before joining Airtouch: COO& Deputy CEO MER Group Mexico.

Our Mission

We strongly believe in solar energy as the most efficient, clean and abundant source of energy and our mission is to ensure its continuous economic viability. Solar panel efficiency drops by 30% (!) in dusty areas making it a true pain point for utility-scale PV solar field developers. Airtouch recognizes and addresses this problem by developing innovative, environmentally friendly and economical cleaning solutions that ensure maximum solar panel output.

The Facility

We operate a state-of-the-art facility in Israel equipped with advanced tools and a perfect solar testing environment to accommodate our talented robotics and software engineering teams. This enables us to foster innovation of new autonomous cleaning systems for solar panels and continuously improve our current technology and solutions.