Airtouch AT 4.0

advanced linear, water-free solar module cleaning robot

AT 4.0 does it all better, resulting in higher cleaning efficiency and shorter payback period.

Harness the power of advanced water-free technology with our new AT 4.0 fully autonomous robot. Improved cleaning efficiency and better maneuverability while maintaining best in class PV module panel preservation.

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An Improved Cleaning Method

Increasing the cleaning power while preserving the panels – microfibers with rubber flippers as an option for more aggressive soiling.

Improved Maneuverability

New Obstacle Crossing Mechanism (OCM) allows larger tolerances between modules and tables. 4X4 drive system is an additional option when required.

Wind Blowing

Removes heavy particles of dust, while preserving the modules

Light Weight

Lower load on PV modules and easier mobilization of semi-autonomous robots.

Only 20 kg per person

Additional features

Advanced and autonomous cleaning system for multiple tracking rows

The most advanced robotics controlling systems on the market

Boost Your Solar Power Plant Generation with Airtouch’s AT 4.0

The first step towards improving solar fields cleaning

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Download the Airtouch AT 4.0 Robot datasheet

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