AT 3.0 Portable

Most advanced semi-autonomous robotic cleaning solution for any PV field structure

Airtouch 3.0 portable is based on the Airtouch 3.0 solution and was developed to respond to the specific needs of PV developers.  It works with existing row installations and supports any type of field structure including short, long and misaligned rows.

Airtouch 3.0 portable is a lightweight self-cleaning solution enabling field operators to manually mount the cleaning robot easily, quickly, and with minimal downtime. It combines human flexibility with the efficiency and reliability of a robot to achieve superior cleaning results for any type of row in the field.

Powerful Wind Blower

Touch-free removal of heavy soiling particles and gentle microfiber wipers that clean and protect the panels’ ARC

Low Shadowing Impact

Improving overall solar energy yield through a fast cleaning process and slim robot profile

Slim Bom

A significant reduction in the amount of subsystems ensures minimal points of failure

Robust Design

Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditons and built for long-life

The portable version offers three additional features:

Ease of use

Allows for easy operation and fast deployment in the field and on any type of row.

Tailored lifting tools

Enables field technicians to easily handle the robot and quickly and easily transfer the robot from one row to the next.

Easy to assemble bridges

Ensures fast deployment and smooth movement of the robot along the row.

Perfect for Exisiting Row Installations & Short Rows

Airtouch 3.0 portable is the perfect solution to manually clean short or long rows and works with exisiting row installations.

PV developers enjoy a high ROI for their robot investment fueled by an up to 30% increase in their energy production yield.

Lightweight & Water-Free

With a weight of 45kg this lightweight robot cleaning solution is ideal for manual handling appealing to PV developers operating in low cost labor markets.

Special lifting tool for easy deployment and operation by a two-person team.

Superior cleaning results with our patented water-free cleaning system. The only solution that can clean up to 125 sqm/min of panel surface.

Efficient Cleaning & Maximum Utilization

Better preservation of panels’ ARC due to a combination of a powerful directional wind blower with gentle microfiber wipers to minimize impact to the panels.

Significant decrease in shadowing effect losses, attributed to the fast cleaning process during electricity-producing hours and the slim profile of the robot.

Quick Installation & Robust Design

Quick and easy installation of the system in the field through a rails-free design. Developed with minimized subsystems to deliver minimal failure points.

Engineered to perform in harsh weather conditions and built with durable materials to ensure long-life.

The robot’s control unit is sealed in a box for optimal protection while the battery pack can be charged thousands of times.

Big ROI & Real-Time Dashboard

Best in market return-on-investment (ROI) for PV developers due to the product’s highly competitive price range.

Integrated with the Airtouch IoT System to provide optimal operational efficiency through real-time robot fleet management, full monitoring, and field-data analysis from anywhere in the world.