Airtouch Cloud IoT System

The Airtouch IoT System is one of the most advanced robotics controlling systems on the market

The Airtouch cloud-based IoT System is one of the most advanced robotics controlling systems on the market. It enables remote access, control and monitoring of every deployed robot in the field.

Each deployed robot is connected to the IoT System using the latest real-time communication standards to ensure seamless access to the robot’s control unit.

The IoT system is linked up to a local meteorological station to include weather data in the ongoing monitoring and decision-making process. This includes wind speed predictions and rainfall forecasts to prevent robots from operating in harsh weather conditions thereby reducing the risk of damage or malfunction.

Apply individual and group commands to specify the most efficient working method for each table based on seasonal data and the position of the row in the field. It also allows specification of individual working methods per each robot.

Via the IoT system field technicians can control robots in real-time and access the reporting system to instantly view operational field data for on-the-spot decisions.

The system provides a detailed reporting interface and real-time dashboard to provide PV field owners with the ability to visualize and analyze the field data.

Full Control & Full Access

Advanced and centralized cloud-based control center to monitor and manage all deployed cleaning robots from anywhere in the world.

Based on Mesh BT 5.0 LR – a combination of long range communication coupled with Mesh topology to ensure fast and reliable communication for large and very large PV fields.

AI Decisions & Protects Equipment

Interlinked with weather forecasting data to feed AI driven decisions for increased cleaning efficiency and robot utilization.

Prevents equipment from running in harmful weather conditions thereby reducing damage and equipment downtime.

Easy Fleet Management & Full Transparency

Easy robot-fleet management through the creation of customized workflows that can be applied individually or as group commands.

Provides management with real-time data insights through a dashboard visualization of all the operational field data.