AT 2.0 Tracker

Advanced and autonomous cleaning system for multiple tracking rows

AT 2.0 Tracker delivers a new cutting-edge technology to clean multiple tracking rows autonomously without human interaction.

AT 2.0 Tracker is built around an autonomous vehile for simultaneous operation of mutiple self-cleaning robots to deliver fast, autonomous and industry-grade cleaning capacity for PV developers.

As a result PV developers experience a steep increase in their energy output and a dramatic reduction of their CAPEX and OPEX costs.

The AT 2.0 Tracker system delivers several outstanding advantages:

Powerful Wind Blower

Touch-free removal of heavy soiling particles and gentle microfiber wipers that clean and protect the panels’ ARC

Low Shadowing Impact

Improving overall solar energy yield through a fast cleaning process and slim robot profile

Slim Bom

A significant reduction in the amount of subsystems ensures minimal points of failure

Robust Design

Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditons and built for long-life

Industry-Grade Capacity & No Human Interaction

Operate up to 6 robots with a cleaning capacity of 100-150 tracking rows per day.

Remote and fully autonomous operation without human interaction.

Five dimensional movement to approach tracking rows and panels with highest accuracy (up to 1mm).

Water-Free & Maximum Utilization

Superior cleaning results with our patented water-free cleaning system.

Better preservation of panels’ ARC due to a combination of a powerful directional wind blower with gentle microfiber wipers to minimize impact to the panels.

Significant decrease in shadowing effect losses through a fast cleaning process and the low and narrow profile of the robot.

Fast Deployment & Robust Design

Allows for fast installation and deployment in the PV field.

Rails-free design with minimized subsystems for minimal failure points.

Engineered to perform in harsh weather conditions and built with durable materials to ensure long-life.

The robot’s control unit is sealed in a box for optimal protection while the battery pack can be charged thousands of times.

Best ROI & Remote Management

Best in market return-on-investment (ROI) for PV developers delivering maximum yield per robot.

Integrated with Airtouch’s cloud-based IoT System to capture all robot generated data and deliver AI driven decisions for optimal operational efficiency.

Real-time robot fleet management, full monitoring, and field-data analysis, accessible over the cloud from anywhere in the world.