Our Products

Advanced Yet Simplified, water-free, autonomous robotic cleaning system

Enhanced capabilities and multiple advantages outperforming current solar panel cleaning solutions. Airtouch’s self-cleaning technology combines three main advantages to create a smart product addressing PV developers’ challenges:

Powerful Wind Blower

Touch-free removal of heavy soiling particles and gentle microfiber wipers that clean and protect the panels’ ARC

Low Shadowing Impact

Improving overall solar energy yield through a fast cleaning process and slim robot profile

Slim Bom

A significant reduction in the amount of subsystems ensures minimal points of failure

Robust Design

Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditons and built for long-life

Airtouch 3.0

Autonomous cleaning robot for solar panels with highest ROI for PV developer

Flexible self-cleaning solution for exisiting field installations for any row length and field structure.

Utilizes patented cleaning technology for superior cleaning results to ensure increased energy output

Better preservation of panel’s ARC by applying a touch-free powerful wind blower and gentle microfiber wipers.

Significant decrease in shadowing effect losses

Automated and AI centric robot management to ensure operational efficiency and maximum robot utilization.

Airtouch 3.0 Portable

Portalbe solution based on Airtouch 3.0 and devleoped to respond to PV developer’s specific needs.

Portable lightweight cleaning solution (45kg) ideal for manual operation.

Perfectly suited for short rows and works with existing row installations.

Easy to deploy and operate in the field.

Special lifting tool for easy deployment by a two-person team.

Integrated robot monitoring to oversee field operator’s activities.

Airtouch Tracker

Full autonomous robotic system for multiple tracking rows

Remote and fully autonomous operation without human touch.

Operates up to 6 robots with a cleaning capacity of 100-150 tracking rows per day.

Five dimensional movement to approach tracking rows and panels with highest accuracy (up to 1mm).

Allows for fast installation and deployment in the PV field.

Best in market return-on-investment (ROI) for PV developers delivering maximum yield per robot.

Airtouch IoT System

Cloud-based platform using the latest tenchnoligal advancements for complete AI driven robot-fleet managment.

Utilizes the latest Bluetooth 5 and Mesh topology for seamless access to any robot deployed in the field.

Interlinked with weather forecasting to feed AI decisions that increase cleaning efficiency and protect equipment.

Multi-level robot-fleet management through individual or group commands.

Captures operational field data from every connected robit and provides real-time analysis to drive smart decisions.